Kara and Jade Mountain Medicine have been miraculous for me.  I have multiple sclerosis and the doctors told me it was “incurable”. Kara and I did not set out to “cure” anything but to make me feel better and we were wildly successful!!!  Acupuncture needles improve my balance and my ability to walk, calm my inflamed nerves, increase my energy, and lift my spirits, all of which are diminished by the disease.  She ended my 35 year history of migraines, took away my ‘jet-lag’ and so many other things.  I could go on and on.  It has taken time but the other doctors have been unable to help, and I am grateful to Kara and Jade Mountain Medicine for giving me life back.  

Darlene Kelty, Ashland, OR

I have been a patient at Jade Mountain Medicine since 2006. I am a four-time cancer survivor who has survived Mesothelioma, which was diagnosed and treated by removal of left lung, in 1998. I was only given a 22% chance of survival. With the help of Cedar, I am still here! As a result of my career, I sustained many unusual injuries which have escalated in their intensity over the years.  Some of the best Doctors in the world were made available to me and after 20 plus years as a police officer, I was left with the news that I would get progressively worse and in the very near future, be wheelchair bound. Through a steady course of treatment and combating any new issues that have occurred, my health regime with Jade Mountain Medicine has been a worthwhile and effective endeavor. I now live a very full life here, walking, shopping and doing whatever I choose to do, on my own two feet, with no wheelchair.  I look forward to many, many more years of travel and mobility due to the continuing diligence and heartfelt efforts of Jason "Cedar" Miller.
Laura Nicholas, Medford, OR

To enter the Jade Mountain center is to step into a unique world of healing, a place where positive energy surrounds and supports you in a gentle yet very focused way. Every caring detail is anticipated by Jason and Kara, with their staff ready to follow through, quietly and efficiently. The Jade Mountain experience is a life-affirming partnership on the journey to stronger health.

Julia Tucker, Ashland, OR

I have been to many major acupuncturists around the country. Jason Miller is beyond the top. I have been seeing him for 6 years now, and he has brought me through many challenges. I love him, I trust him, he is my doctor, he is my friend.

Carolyn Hamburger ND, Ashland, OR

Prior to seeing Kara Miller, I had a complete nervous breakdown. I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks which lead to insomnia, muscle weakness, and loss of appetite. Minutes before my first visit with Kara, I had just suffered a panic attack. Once I was on that table, I experienced a sense of complete relaxation and calmness. My symptoms improved greatly just after a few weeks. My appetite came back, I have been sleeping so much better, and I am so happy to report, no more panic attacks! I trust Kara completely and am so grateful to have found her.

I came to see Kara because I was having severe PMS. A day or two before I got my cycle, I would feel as though I was coming down with the flu and want to stay in bed. The acupuncture and particularly the herbs began to slowly change this pattern. After about three months I noticed I felt fine and somewhat normal and more energetic as my period approached. This continued to improve. I still take the herbs and feel like it is still helping me.  I really appreciated Kara's care and the friendly, comfortable atmosphere of the clinic, but most of all I appreciated that the treatment worked.

Laurel Steinberg 

Jade Mountain has been extremely supportive as I've searched for solutions to my long-standing, complex health problems. I've been treated with great sensitivity and dedication, and have experienced improvements to specific symptoms as well as to my overall well-being. I've been especially impressed with the passion and humanity that Kara and Cedar bring to their practice. I feel genuinely cared for whenever I am there. The support staff is terrific as well. The most remarkable thing to me is the de-emphasis on money - these people appear to be dedicated to making alternative health care possible in all ways, including financially. Although they are amking a living, they are clearly not in it "for the money". Hats off to Kara and Cedar for their hard work in pursuit of their principles!

Ashland resident 

I have been treated by Jason Miller for several months now for my back.  He has not only helped with that, but he has been the inspiration for helping me understand the importance of what food does to the body.  For the first time in my life, I have lost weight for the right reasons and the right way.  I have always believed that to loose weight permanently is a lifestyle change, but couldn't seem to accomplish it until I met Jason.  I am so thankful for Jason & his expertise.  I come out of treatment feeling better physically and mentally.  It is no accident they are in my life & I am so grateful.  He are Kara are two of the most capable, delightful, caring, and positive people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Keep up the great work.  Jason also has a lot of knowledge & background in cancer & is helping me with prevention since I had two pre-cancer polyps removed recently.

Linda Cornwell, Talent, OR