1.    Q:  If my order needs to be shipped in 2 installments, will Jade Mountain Medicine cover the shipping and handling charge on the 2nd shipment?

 A:  If we are unable to send out a complete order within 1-3 days, for regular orders, or 7 business days, for larger orders, we will cover the shipping on any additional items, as soon as they arrive. 

If you were unable to order 1 week in advance for larger orders, we are happy to send out the order in full, if possible, or in 2 shipments, however, you will be charged shipping and handling on both packages. 

If the order cannot be filled in entirety due to a manufacturer being out of stock, you will be charged the shipping and handling for an additional shipment.

2.    Q:   What is the difference between our Mushroom Powders and Mushroom Granules?

         A:  Mushroom Powders are 1:1 strength.  The mycelium and fruiting bodies have been steam autoclaved, to break open the cell walls and make the constituents more assimilable, and they are then powdered.  This is a relatively new method of extraction that has not been significantly researched in clinical trials.  Advantages to this product include local availability and cost efficiency.  They can be added to a smoothie, however, for optimal extraction, steep in boiling water for 15-30 minutes, with a tight fitting lid. 

Mushroom granules are a 5:1 extract., making them 5 x stronger than the powders, and enabling the practitioner to recommend a lower dosage.  They are more expensive per 100 gram container, but keep in mind the strength and dosage when evaluating the cost.  The granules have been prepared by the traditional method of extraction, which is validated by centuries of traditional use, as well as modern scientific studies.  After the mushrooms are decocted, or simmered, in water, this extract is then concentrated. 

3.    Q:  If Jason has recommended a new product be added to my protocol in the context of a consult, will the Jade Mountain Dispensary send it automatically?

         A:  For clarity, please call the dispensary directly to place this order.  We want to be sure to check in with you, in case you want to order additional items, and to get the proper shipping and payment information.

4.    Q:  My protocol calls for the same product in capsules and powder.  Do I need to order both?

         A:  It is common for practitioners to recommend a powder be added to your smoothie, and then additional capsules of that product be taken later in the day.  This is common for products, such as Natura’s Botanical Treasures, Immucare I, and Immucare II.  Some find the taste of these powders to be challenging when taken separate from the smoothie, making the capsules a better option.  Some still have challenges with these flavors in the smoothie, so may opt for caps for all daily doses.  You are welcome to choose either powder or caps, depending on your lifestyle and pallet, unless otherwise specified by your practitioner. 

Other products available in capsules or powder include Brain Vitale (Designs for Health) and Phosphatydylcholine (Designs for Health).  We also carry Honopure in caps, standardized to 98% Honokiol, as well as Magnolia Bark Powder, standardized to 50% Honokiol.  Please ask your practitioner for dosage recommendations if you prefer to switch to capsules or powder.

5.    Q:  Do you offer bulk discounts on tinctures?

         A:  Because we offer a lower markup on all products in comparison to other suppliers and dispensaries, we are unable, at this time, to offer bulk discounts on larger size tinctures.  Thank you for your understanding.

6.    Q:  My practitioner has recommended a specific brand, however, I have found “the same” product by a different company for a lower cost.  Can I substitute this alternative brand?

         A:  We put a lot of time and energy into researching the best quality products.  In many cases, the brands we carry are superior for a variety of reasons, including optimal extraction methods, preferable source material, and dosage.  Our practitioners recommend these companies because they are often of a higher therapeutic value than is available at your local health food store or online source.  If you would like to substitute another brand, please discuss this with your practitioner.  Some products are more easily substituted for a more affordable option, though it is often important to stick with the recommended brand for a variety of reasons.

7.     Q:  Should I take my medicines with or without food?

         A:  This is often specific to the individual patient and product, so it is always best to check with your practitioner.  In general, most tinctures and granules are taken away from food.  Products that are more nutrient based can be taken with food.  Enzymes, such as Bromelain, should be taken away from food when addressing injury or post-surgery management.  When taken with food, these enzymes focus on aiding digestion. 

8.    Q:  What temperature water should be used for mixing my TCM Granule Formula?

         A:  Granules dissolve best in warm water, while hot water can cause them to become more starchy.

9.   Q:  If a product arrives with a cold pack, should it be placed in the refrigerator or freezer for storage?

        A:  Yes, Fruit Anthocyanins (Natural Health) retain their optimal anthocyanin content when stored in the freezer.  Suppositories, Candi-Bactin-AR (Metagenics), and Saccharomyces boulardii (Allergy Research Group) should all be stored in the refrigerator.  *It is also beneficial to store your omega-3 supplements in the refrigerator, however, we do not send these with a cold pack, as they are considered shelf stable, particularly before opening.

10.   Q:  What is the difference between Nanogreens (BioPharma) and Paleogreens (Designs for Health)?

          A:  Nanogreens contains mostly all certified organic ingredients, though some berries and other ingredients are not designated organic.  Nanogreen is great tasting and can be taken easily in water for an equivalent of 10 servings of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.  Nanogreens are available in a 360 gram container with 30 servings for $51.00 or $.14/gram.  Paleogreens come in unflavored and unsweetened, mint, and lemon-lime flavors.  It is made with over 70% organic ingredients.  Paleogreens are available in a 270 gram container with 30 servings for $54.50 or $.20/gram.

If your protocol contains Nanogreens and you are interested in trying Paleogreens, or you are not sure which green supplement is best for you, please ask your practitioner for guidance.

11.   Q:  Your dispensary does not carry a particular product or size that I would like.  Can I special order this item?

          A:  If this item is available through one of our suppliers, we are happy to special order it for you with our next order.  In most cases, we can add this to our weekly order.  If it is available through a supplier that we do not order from weekly, we will add it to our next order and call you when it is available.  Please pre-pay for special orders.  We will be sure to let you know if a product is considered a "special order" item, so you will be prompted to order that particular item 1 week in advance.

12.   Q:  Can I special order 16 oz. and 32 oz. bottles of Vital or Power Adapt? 

          A:  Yes, please give us one weeks notice to special order these items.  We are able to accommodate orders of up to 16 oz. without advanced notice, however, you will be charged the per ounce price, rather than the bulk price offered with special orders.