For those of you who don't know this side of me, my musical side, I am a drummer. My background is in world music, and over the past 20 years I have studied with master drummers from around the world. I have also studied modern drum kit, and my style is an integration of traditional and modern, very much like my practice of medicine. I have toured with many local, regional, and national acts, and have developed a unique style and set-up for live performance. 

Last year, Random Rab produced a CD called "Release". Rab and I co-wrote and performed five of the tracks on the album, and I am also featured on track 1. The album hit number 5 on the iTunes EDM charts last fall, and it features some stunning artwork by Andrew Jones. Random Rab Live (Rab Clinton and Cedar Miller) performed in 18 cities across the country last fall - what an amazing experience! 

Look for Random Rab, "Release" on iTunes, SoundCloud, or BandCamp. Full downloads of the CD are only $10. You can also purchase the physical CD, with artwork, at Jade Mountain for $10. 


I am also proud to present the recently released, self-titled CD, "Trine"! Trine is a local Ashland trio, featuring myself, Jason "Cedar" Miller - drums, percussion and didj, Michal Palzewicz - cello, and Cecily Palzewicz - vocals. The 10 tracks on this album are all original Trine compositions. Roman Morykit (of Gypsy Soul) - fretless bass, is featured on several of the songs. 

Here is an excerpt from our Press kit:

Trine's music is cinematic and evocative. Simultaneously portraying both power and elegance, Trine is a unique expression of the power trio. The live Trine experience is a shamanic journey into the sonic landscape of human emotion. From heart pounding rhythms to ethereal musical themes, Trine's music is both primal and sophisticated. 

Please visit us on Facebook, and pick up a copy of our CD at Jade Mountain, or download the music at one of the links below! 



and our trine music webpage



I am also proud to present the CD, "Under The Sun", by Infusion. Although I no longer play with Infusion, we spent 5 years as a band writing the music that comprises this CD. I am playing drum kit and many percussion instruments on this one.


All of these CD's are available at Jade Mountain Medicine.