Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you been in a motor vehicle accident? Did you know that in the State of Oregon, you can choose where you receive health care for your injury, without a referral from your Primary Care Doctor?  Every motor vehicle policy issued for the state of Oregon provides Personal injury Protection, and Acupuncture is covered.  

Traditional Chinese Medical Therapies have a long history of use in the treatment of pain from trauma. Acupuncture and Electro Acupuncture, including motor-point and trigger-point therapy, Asian Bodywork Therapy, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Moxibustion are some of the modalities we use to relieve pain and speed recovery.

Often times, even a seemingly “small” car accident can have a large impact on the body. Symptoms may take a couple of days to set in, and often include:


Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Neuropathy – tingling or burning sensations, or numbness radiating into different parts of the body.

Hip or leg Pain



When coupled with specific manual muscle testing to identify the patterns of dysfunction present in the muscles and nerves in the body, acupuncture and specific bodywork therapies can be very effective for relieving pain and discomfort after a traumatic accident. With a background in Applied Kinesiology, our working knowledge of the muscular skeletal system is thorough, and we have learned and developed many effective strategies for treating musculo-skeletal injury.

One of the areas that is often overlooked in recovery from motor vehicle accidents, or other physical traumas, is the emotional strain caused by the accident. Using specific diagnostic techniques, we are able to identify emotional blockages caused during an accident, and we have tools to address them. In many cases, the physical healing from the accident is impeded by an associated emotional trauma that occurred during the accident.




Acupuncture - the insertion of very fine needles into specific acupuncture points for the relief of pain and/or harmonization of the body's energy.


Bodywork - includes Asian Bodywork Therapy, joint mobilization, stretching, as well as the use of specific exercises for resolving pain and structural issues. Applied Kinesiology offers addtional diagnostic techniques through very specific manual muscle testing. Bodywork also includes Acupressure, based on the Japanese system "Shiatsu", that uses manual pressure with the practitioners fingers at specific acupressure points and along the acupuncture meridians.

Applied Kinesiology - a thorough system for assessment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, combined with techniques to resolve these issues. Specific manual muscle testing is one of AK's primary diagnostic tools, and it's application reaches deep into the endocrine and neuroendocrine systems.


Consultation for chronic disease - consultations are done either in person at the clinic, or via phone, or skype. A thorough review of the patient's medical history and relevant health information is combined with a thorough assessment of the patient's condition. Protocols are developed for each individual, and therapies change over time, following the course of the disease and the healing process.


Herbal/Nutritional Prescription - Using modern scientific research, we are able to create synergy between botanicals and pharmaceuticals. In the realm of chemotherapy, the combination of plants and plant compounds with specific oncological medications can make treatments more effective, and can minimize side effects. Botanical and nutritional agents are generally prescribed based on the patient's constitution and symptom picture, as well as their biomedical diagnosis. The combination of plants and nutrients affords a powerful synergy that cannot be achieved with the use of one or the other.  


Moxibustion - the application of heat to specific points on the body. "Ai Ye", a form of mugwort, is generally used as the material to be burned as the heat source.


Cupping - by putting a flame into specially designed glass cupspulling it out, and then rapidly placing the cup on the body, a vacuum is created, thereby producing a suction cup effect. This therapy is used to relieve muscle aches and pains that are characterized by a condition called "Blood Stagnation". This therapy is also a diagnostic tool that reveals problem areas by producing a purplish color on the skin. This color normally lasts for about 5-7 days.


Dietary and lifestyle recommendations - this is an essential part of any comprehensive wellness program. Many of the issues we see in the clinic stem from poor dietary and/or lifestyle choices. Specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations are made for each patient based on their specific condition and their genetic heritage.