Chris VanderPluym LAc, MAcOM, Dipl. CH (NCCAOM)

Chris began his path toward practicing medicine while still in high school.  He attended the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, a magnet program focused on math and science, with an emphasis on training students to develop their own creative problem-solving strategies.  After high school, Chris was accepted into St. Louis University’s premedical program, with guaranteed entry into their medical school.  Though doing very well, Chris left this program after two years, deterred by the prospect of hurried patient contact and insurance driven bureaucratic red tape.  He later graduated with a BS in Zoology and felt content fostering a simple, down to earth lifestyle in Southern Illinois, while working as a veterinary assistant. 

While in Southern Illinois, Chris was first introduced to Acupuncture.  In his mid 20’s, he began to experience unexplained joint pains throughout his body. Over a course of several months, and after extensive biomedical testing, he had no answers, and no solutions. His roommate at the time was receiving acupuncture, and recommended he give it a try. Chris found an acupuncturist in Carbondale, IL, and after only two acupuncture treatments, his joint pain was cured, and his life path was reset. 

Chris moved to Portland in 2010 after enrolling at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  He immersed himself in his studies and branched out in as many related areas as possible.  His skill set includes multiple styles of acupuncture (TCM, orthopedic, Japanese, Tan style, auricular, scalp), several forms of Asian bodywork (tuina, zen shiatsu, reflexology and pediatric tuina), Chinese herbal formulations, nutritional counseling and more. 

Chris moved to Ashland in late 2014, drawn by it’s incredible natural beauty, small-town feel, and kind, well-educated, forward-thinking community.  He is even more thrilled to be apprenticing with and starting his practice alongside Jason Miller. In addition to studying Jason's medical approach, he will be help to incorporate new programs at the clinic, such as patient-focused discussion blogs and integrative practitioner round-table meetings. He has already established community acupuncture on Fridays which offers low-cost ($25 -$40) walk-in acupucnture treatments between 11 and 3pm.