Thomas Garbarino


LAc, MAc.

I'm an energetic healer, coach and meditation teacher. I'm also a licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

As a child, I lived with a rare chronic auto-immune disorder that resulted in seizures and other painful neurological symptoms.

I struggled to keep it a secret, desperately longing to fit in and feel "normal". My symptoms persisted into adulthood. After many disappointing - and sometimes traumatic - trips to the doctor, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I enrolled in acupuncture school and started practicing qigong, meditation and taijiquan. I learned more about myself, and released old traumas and emotional wounds that were deep in my unconscious. Happiness, peace and a renewed wonder rekindled in my heart. I have since become passionate about helping others to find their own path to healing because of this experience.

Today, I teach qigong healing classes/workshops and offer individual qigong healing sessions. I especially love working with people who suffer from chronic illness and have a history of trauma. My many years as a healer has taught me that everyone has the ability to heal themselves and return to a healthy, natural version of themselves.

I believe that complete healing comes from within one’s heart. My approach to healing, is to co-create a sacred, safe space in which we are able to access heart communication. I act as a healing guide, through intuitive listening and heart centered communication we assist in opening and releasing blockages and unconscious beliefs. This restores the body’s natural bio-energy (Qi) system returning it back to health and wellness. Clients experience greater degrees of lightness and wholeness, feeling more balanced and harmonious within.

Thomas is currently offering a qigong healing class for cancer and chronic illness at Jade Mountain Medicine and just began offering individual qigong healing sessions, which he calls Qi Infusions.


I have been lucky to work with Thomas as an acupuncturist and healer over a number of years. Most recently, I was recovering from a week-long flu coupled with a kidney infection; I was extremely weak and in pain.

Just being in Thomas presence helped me to feel calm. After listening to my pulses he was able to diagnose my condition and began treating me with Qigong healing. This approach proved to be extremely effective - it felt the same if not deeper effects as when using acupuncture needles.

I rested deeply on the table and felt calm, relaxed and cared for. Thomas sent me home with an herbal formula and that evening I slept deeply.

The next day I was the almost free of kidney pain and my whole body had a great deal more strength. The session with Thomas at Jade Mountain Medicine helped my body make a significant leap toward regaining full health after a very serious illness. A few days later, I made a full recovery.

Thank you Thomas

L.K. School teacher


During the session with Thomas, I felt my right lung, the most damaged one, clear and open up. For the first time since 2016 I was able to take a full breath into the lower lobe of my lung. I put my oxygen unit away and it spent the rest of the weekend in the car.

As a side benefit, the neuropathy I have had in my feet for several years, leaving my toes mostly numb, shifted. I have now regained normal feeling in my baby toes and the improvement seems to be moving into the adjacent toes bit by bit.

I’ve lost 5 pounds without any effort. My appetite has shifted and my body is telling me what it wants to eat and when it’s had enough.

Thank you so much for all your help.