TCM employs several physical, therapeutic methods to achieve its goal of improved health and well-being.


These include:

Asian Body Work Therapy - manual bodywork therapy which includes acupressure, oriental massage, joint mobilzation, stretching, and many specific techniques used to relieve stagnation in the body. 

Moxibustion - the application of heat by the burning of mugwort (Ai Ye), applied in several different manners, to specific acupuncture points

Cupping - the use of specially designed "cups" to create a suction based force applied to specific areas of the body.

Gua Sha - the use of a gua sha tool, which resembles a Chinese soup spoon, rubbed lightly on the surface of the body

7 star needling - with this therapy, 7 very fine and short needles, connected to a stem and a base, are tapped gently and rhythmically on the surface of the skin at specific points

Qi Gong - a Qi cultivation practice that is also a healing modality