My journey with Chinese healing practices began 30 years ago when I accidentally found myself in a Tai Chi and Qigong class. Having grown up with parents whose careers were in the Western Medicine system, my initial experience with these Chinese energetic exercises opened up a whole new understanding of how we function as both physical and energetic beings.

In order to further this understanding, I decided to attend Portland’s Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). I graduated in 2006 having completed over 3,500 hours of classroom and clinical work. I far exceeded the hourly requirements, primarily because I chose to do extra bodywork classes and clinical shifts in order to refine my skills in this area. I continue to have a “hands on” approach with my patients and often combine some bodywork with each acupuncture treatment.

Since graduation I have worked in a multidisciplinary clinic on the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho and been in private practice in Idaho, Washington and now Ashland. As a general practitioner, I have successfully treated a wide variety of conditions including pain and gastrointestinal, respiratory, mental/emotional and autoimmune issues. Additionally, in my Idaho practice I focused on gynecological issues including fertility and the menopausal transition.

My passion is empowering my patients with tools they can use to really change the underlying dynamics of any pain or dis-ease they are experiencing. These range from lifestyle changes to simple energetic exercises to what I refer to as deep listening/awareness techniques. In my experience, the latter enables my patients to really understand and influence deep underlying dynamics that are at the root of their issues.

In addition to the clinical work with patients, I have developed The Power of Yin program which is designed for women entrepreneurs and leaders. Based in the energetic principles of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong, it empowers women to work and lead with greater ease, flow and power. More information is available at

My other passions include teaching and practicing Tai Chi & Qigong; hiking and backpacking; kayaking; gardening and creating permaculture systems; dancing; and cooking and eating great food! Most of all, I love deep connections with people and the beauty and wonder of nature.